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Our Achievements

ONLYgeotechnics opened for business in late-2006 and has marked several milestones to date:


Sep 06
Commenced Operations

Sep 08
Admitted to Academy of Experts

Sep 08
Opened UK Operating Company

Sep 08
Client Geotechnical Engineer London Gateway Port

Aug 09
Awarded ISO 9001:2008

Jan 10
Working on XRL in Hong Kong

Aug 10
EACSB Listing for HK Government Slopes Works

Nov 11
New projects in Middle East

Dec 11
Arbitration on Reclamation

Mar 12
Peer Reviewer for HKIA 1250Ha airport reclamation

Mar 12
Independent Geotechnical Engineer for DSD at Happy Valley Flood Protection Scheme under NEC Contract for 5 years

Jun 13
Client Geotechnical Reviewer on Seismic slopes and reclamation in Turkey

Aug 13
Expert on housing development in Glasgow

May 14
Expert on Mediation in Hong Kong

Feb 15
Expert on Stone Columns Collapse

May 15
Paper for Happy Valley Stormwater Seepage at Annual Seminar

Aug 15
3RS HKIA ICE Review of Detailed Design

Aug 17
First project in Africa

Dec 17
Expert on tunnel leakage in Hong Kong

Jan 18
Awarded ISO 9001:2015

Jul 18
Tseung Kwan O tunnel site work

Dec 18
GI and Detailed Design of Major Port in India

Apr 19
Ground Treatment design at London Gateway

Aug 19
Paper accepted in Geotechnique

Nov 19
Short List for EACSB Government List 1 Consultants

Jan 20
Completed in excess of 100 Projects Globally

Apr 20
Certified to operate the ICE training scheme

Since commencement we have worked on all of the major continents of the world with Projects from Africa to India, Hong Kong to the UK and Buenos Aires to Virginia.


We operate under the ISO9001 : 2015 Quality Management System operated by HKQAA which covers our work globally whether carried out in our Hong Kong or our UK offices.

We are accredited to undertake consulting engineer, project management services and contract administration for investigations, feasibility studies, planning, design, tendering and site supervision of civil and geotechnical engineering.

We operate a training scheme certified by ICE (London).

We are able to provide training to engineers aiming to become professionally qualified. Graduate engineers will be able to train and develop under the mentorship of our professional engineer with over 30 years of working experience.